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Libraries and Technology

Recently, while tinkering with a 3D printer for loan to STLS member libraries, I had two epiphanies. One was reaching the “sweet spot” with the calibration of the printer to achieve a consistent print. The other had to do with the role of technology within public libraries. I think the first thing to note is that usually when we speak of

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Public Libraries Are Government

Public Libraries Are Government   Economist Adam Smith, who authored the Wealth of Nations, believed government’s role was to maintain defense, infrastructure and education. Public libraries are government institutions even though libraries sometimes view their organizations as too small to be lumped in with government. I think this misperception stems from the way other governments

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An Invitation to Say Your Library is Amazing

Friday Follow-up: a weekly message from Brian M. Hildreth, STLS Executive Director An Invitation to Say Your Library is Amazing This time of year most public librarians are least excited about public service. I am not saying we discontinue our passion for our trade, but rather we must roll up our sleeves and account for

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The Benefits of Reading

When STLS staff recently conducted a book breakfast at the Dormann Library in Bath NY, the question was asked, “Why do you read?” I was recently reminded of an infographic (developed by graphic designer Raphael Lysander) that concisely touches on many of the points mentioned at the event…and more. The infographic is divided into chapters: Chapter One:

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Characteristics of Effective Instructors

I recently read the book, Fundamentals of Library Instruction by Monty L. McAdoo (available in our consultants collection). After reading through it, I realized that is was geared more towards academic librarians, although the majority of the concepts are certainly applicable to anyone providing instruction in a public library. Chapter eight focuses on the characteristics of an effective

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ebook on shelf

Ebook Terms of Sale

I assume many of you are now aware that Penguin Random House has moved to a no loan cap, perpetual licensing model for ebooks purchased through vendors such as Overdrive. This means that purchased Penguin Random House titles will be available within our digital collection in perpetuity (no need to re-purchase titles after a set period of time

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The Friday Follow-up: Newer STLS Librarians Discuss Continuing Education

Newer STLS Librarians Discuss Continuing Education Working in Southern Tier libraries for the last two weeks has been fantastic. In addition to my ongoing projects of connecting libraries to Broadband, strategic planning for 2017-2021 and assisting member libraries in obtaining sustainable funds, I have had the joy of visiting many people who make this library

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Yes, we can.

Last week I took a tour of the Fayetteville Free Library. Fayetteville is famous for their innovative labs and collection management, their programs and their building. They are the library people tour and immediately say “It was so great, but we can’t do that here.” One of the “so great” things about Fayetteville is that

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Freegal/Zinio Primer

I recently conducted a presentation on Freegal and Zinio at the Fred & Harriett Taylor Memorial Library in Hammondsport, NY. Here are a few key points from the presentation. Freegal Music Freegal music allows users to download and stream music (over 9 million songs available). Users authenticate with their library card number and pin, can access the service via a web browser or

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Yes! Cohocton’s new Director Phil Trautman talks mission and vision

Phil Trautman started as the Cohocton Public Library’s new director in October. He gave me some time and shared his vision of the library with me. Spoiler alert: one word mission statement! Can you guess what the word is?

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