For STLS Trustees

STLS Board Meeting

Next meeting Tuesday, April 18, 2017, 2pm at the Dorman Library, Bath, NY (Steuben County)
STLS Trustees and Officers

Pat Selwood (Yates),  President 2019

Richard Ahola (Yates), Vice President 2017

Cindy Emmer (Chemung), Secretary 2017

Betsy Gorman (Chemung), Treasurer 2020

Delores Ackerman (Allegany), 2021

Sisi Barr (Chemung), 2018

Sarah Collins (Steuben), 2019

Lynnette Decker (Allegany), 2021

Maija A. DeRoche (Schuyler), 2018

Patricia Finnerty (Steuben),  2017

Denise W. King (Chemung), Past President 2019

Dale Wexell (Steuben), 2020

Trustee Committees


Executive Committee

  Meets the second Tuesday of each month at 1:00 pm at STLS

Members:  Pat Selwood, President; Richard Ahola, Vice President; Betsy Gorman, Treasurer; Cindy Emmer, Secretary; Denise King, Past President 

Finance and Facilities Committee

Meets the second Monday of each month at 3:15 pm at STLS

Members: Betsy Gorman, Chair; Sisi Barr, Pat Finnerty, Dale Wexell

Personnel and Policies Committee

  Meets the second Tuesday of each month at 11 am at STLS

Members:  Maija DeRoche, Chair; Delores Ackerman, Richard Ahola,  Cindy Emmer, Pat Selwood

Public Relations Committee

  Meets the third Tuesday of each month at 12:30 pm at the location of the monthly Board meeting

Members:  Lynnette Decker, Chair; Sarah Collins, Denise King,  Pat Selwood

Trustee Manual & Bylaws
Additional Trustee Resources

Handbook for Library Trustees 2010 edition: .pdf version

Library Laws and Regulations in New York State

Library Trustees’ Association:

New York Library Association:

New York Libraries Trustees Online – Contact Al Oliveras for login information