The Friday Follow-up: Spring CE Generates 100 Participants (And photos for those who don’t always read my Friday Follow-Up)

Friday Follow-up:
a message from Brian M. Hildreth, STLS Executive Director
Spring CE Generates 100 Participants (And photos for those who don’t always read my Friday Follow-up)


Participants started early last Friday morning as they attended 4 of 12 workshops between 8:30 am and 3:45 pm at Houghton Library – Corning Community College. There was a wide-variety of learning opportunities for all STLS member libraries. Thank you to the 100 plus members in attendance. See below for links to more images and initial learning impacts. What a great day to be together!


The title of this week’s submission is not intended to be off putting. Sometimes I reference the Friday Follow-up when I do trainings or consult, and at last week’s Spring CE I learned some of our directors really only enjoy the photos. So, this week’s title is for them.



Share one thing you learned at this year’s Spring CE you will put into practice:
“I will work on my sustainability plan and talk to community members about how we can support them.”

“Better deal with workplace conflicts using new strategies.”

“Share 211 and JobNow resources with our patrons.”

“Lead more as a library director.”

“Implement non-judgemental listening skills.”

“Generate more programming that gives back to the community.”

“Develop a collection with a Human Library.”

“Improve my relationship with my board of trustees.”

“Make a libguide of legal resources for my patrons.”

“Provide mental health first aid training for my staff.”

“Use Canva to make flyer templates for library events.”


Precisely 112 member directors, librarians, organizers or presenters participated in last Friday’s Spring CE hosted by STLS and Chemung County Library District. This is the fourth consecutive year the library system and central library partnered on this event. In my opinion, it was one of the most advantageous.


I absolutely enjoy system-wide events. Nothing pleases me more than to see members come together for the betterment of public library services in our region. It is a joy to make professional and personal connections with the individuals who lead our mission. Your stories strengthen my belief in all that we can accomplish!


My opinion is subjective, however, initial survey results indicate attendees enjoyed the day as well. Of 44 surveys received, 59% indicated the event was “Excellent”. 30% said the Spring CE was “Very Good” and 7% rated the event as “Good”. 5% did not rate the event, but no surveys said the day of learning was “Fair” or “Poor”.


Participants still have time to evaluate this year’s Spring CE. Please click here to complete your survey.


I want to thank everyone who attended. 22 of 48 libraries were represented. This is 46% of STLS membership. I also want to thank CCLD and Southeast Steuben County Library for taking the lead and using this day of learning for all staff. Both institutions closed their doors for one day to learn as a whole. It is a difficult decision to make, but providing access to training for everyone is a worthwhile investment to secure high quality library services 364 days per year.


I also appreciate the support of library boards that empower their directors and staff to attend STLS training. Most of our directors serve on an island with limited resources and human support. Connecting directors and staff with other librarians and professional trainers is not only good business, but it also positively impacts the communities trustees are charged to serve. How would we feel about untrained teachers, doctors, lawyers and first responders?
Lastly, thank you to STLS and CCLD planning members. It is never an easy event to pull together, but it is always rewarding. We look forward to making it an even more succinct and collaborative event next year. Houghton Library and Corning Community College were great facility hosts.


Summer is fast approaching, which means good times for many children and families across the Southern Tier. Members have been prepping for their summer learning programs since last summer. I wish all of you the strength and courage to do good work over the next 10 weeks. Your passion, creativity and commitment will shine through. And, I look forward to vising most of you as you make it happen.

Have a great  Father’s Day Weekend, STLS!

Kindest Regards,

Brian Hildreth, Executive Director
Southern Tier Library System

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