Rotating Collections

An STLS service to help libraries meet the needs of patrons with low-vision.

Rotating Collection Schedules

Audio  Collections
 Date To Rotate: July 10-15, 2017
Collection Location Collection Location Collection
Number Currently At Moving To
A-26 STLS Van Etten
A-27 Van Etten Cohocton
A-28 Cohocton Addison
A-30 Addison Avoca
A-29  Avoca  STLS
A-32 STLS Howard
A-41 Howard Wayland
A-33 Wayland Canaseraga
A-36 Canaseraga Canisteo
A-37 Canisteo Jasper
A-38 Jasper STLS
A-39 STLS Rushville
A-40 Rushville Pulteney
A-42 Pulteney STLS (AdultCare)
A-43 STLS (AdultCare) STLS
A-14 STLS Alfred
A-44 Alfred Watkins Glen
A-46 Watkins Glen Branchport
A-47 Branchport Prattsburgh
A-48 Prattsburgh STLS
A-49 STLS Odessa
A-50 Odessa Corning
A-52 Corning Rushford
A-58 Rushford Arkport
A-60 Arkport STLS
A-61 STLS Belmont
A-17 Belmont Bolivar
A-62 Bolivar Whitesville
A-65 Whitesville STLS (AdultCare)
A-68 STLS (AdultCare) STLS
A-16 STLS Scio
A-59 Scio Cuba
A-69 Cuba Fillmore
A-57 Fillmore Middlesex
A-51 Middlesex STLS
A-56 STLS Friendship
A-55 Friendship Andover
A-15 Andover Almond
A-67 Almond Belfast
A-66 Belfast STLS (AdultCare)
A-18 STLS (AdultCare) STLS
A-19 STLS Hector
A-20 Hector Dundee
A-21 Dundee Angelica
A-23 Angelica Richburg
A-25 Richburg STLS

Large Print  Collections
Date To Rotate:  June 6, 14, 22
Location Collection
Currently At
Location Collection
Moving To
LP-92 STLS Van Etten
LP-76 Van Etten Dundee
LP-91 Dundee STLS (AdultCare)
LP-72 STLS (AdultCare) STLS
LP-89 STLS Belmont
LP-87 Belmont Cuba
LP-86 Cuba Andover
LP-85 Andover Middlesex #1
LP-84 Middlesex #1 STLS (AdultCare)
LP-134 STLS (AdultCare) STLS
LP-83 STLS Odessa
LP-82 Odessa Prattsburgh
LP-81 Prattsburgh Avoca
LP-129 Avoca Savona
LP-128 Savona Rushville
LP-127 Rushville STLS
LP-126 STLS Alfred
LP-124 Alfred Belfast
LP-1114 Belfast Bolivar
LP-123 Bolivar STLS (AdultCare)
LP-125 STLS (AdultCare) STLS
LP-80 STLS Scio
LP-122 Scio Richburg
LP-120 Richburg Friendship
LP-119 Friendship STLS (AdultCare)
LP-118 STLS (AdultCare) STLS
LP-117 STLS Hector
LP-116 Hector Howard
LP-115 Howard Arkport
LP-113 Arkport Jasper
LP-107 Jasper STLS (AdultCare)
LP-108 STLS (AdultCare) STLS
LP-112 STLS Corning
LP-75 Corning Watkins Glen
LP-88 Watkins Glen Pulteney
LP-74 Pulteney STLS (AdultCare)
LP-73 STLS (AdultCare) STLS
LP-109 STLS Almond
LP-106 Almond Rushford
LP-77 Rushford Greenwood
LP-105 Greenwood STLS (AdultCare)
LP-104 STLS (AdultCare) STLS
LP-111 STLS Angelica
LP-103 Angelica Fillmore
LP-102 Fillmore L. Genesse
LP-98 L. Genesee Whitesville
LP-101 Whitesville Middlesex #2
LP-100 Middlesex #2 STLS (AdultCare)
LP-110 STLS (AdultCare) STLS
LP-99 STLS Cohocton
LP-97 Cohocton Wayland
LP-96 Wayland Canaseraga
LP-95 Canaseraga Canisteo
LP-94 Canisteo Addison
LP-93 Addison STLS

Youth  Collections
 Date To Rotate: Sept. 11 & 14
Collection Number Location Collection
Currently At
Location Collection
Moving To
Y-33 STLS Almond
Y-1 Almond Corning
Y-31 Corning Hector
Y-22 Hector Dundee
Y-29 Dundee Rushville
Y-21 Rushville Middlesex
Y-37 Middlesex STLS
Y-34 STLS Angelica
Y-24 Angelica Fillmore
Y27 Fillmore Friendship
Y-4 Friendship Little Genesee
Y-25 Little Genesee Andover
Y-20 Andover Wayland
Y-18 Wayland STLS
Y-16 STLS Van Etten
Y-9 Van Etten Odessa
Y-11 Odessa Pulteney
Y-17 Pulteney Savona
Y-30 Savona STLS
Y23 STLS Avoca
Y-6 Avoca Atlanta
Y-8 Atlanta Arkport
Y-38 Arkport Canisteo
Y39 Canisteo Jasper
Y-7 Jasper Canaseraga
Y-35 Canaseraga STLS
Y-28 STLS Belmont
Y-2 Belmont Scio
Y-10 Scio Richburg
Y-26 Richburg Belfast
Y-32 Belfast Alfred
Y-15 Alfred STLS
Y-3 STLS Rushford
Y-36 Rushford Whitesville
Y-14 Whitesville Howard
Y-13 Howard Cohocton
Y-5 Cohocton Prattsburgh
Y-19 Prattsburgh STLS


Rotating Collection Circulation

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