Staff by Division

Division of Library Sustainability
Brian M. Hildreth Executive Director  207
Ella Chatlani Administrative Assistant 201
Margo Gustina Deputy Director  205
Barb Mack Business Manager  217
Cassie Wright Account Clerk  206
Pamela Rogers Processing & Delivery Supervisor  223
 Division of Professional Development & Outreach
Engagement Consultant  212
Lorie Brown Professional Development Manager  209
Vickie Button Outreach Clerk (Rotating Collections Contact) 215
Keturah Cappadonia Outreach Consultant 204
 Division of Information Technology 
Ken Behn Assistant Director – IT 211
Mandy Fleming ILS & Technical Services Manager 210
Ann Brouse Cataloging Specialist 226
Pat Beeman IT Specialist 224
Patrick Wojnarek IT Technician 208
Alex Hoffman ILS Specialist 219
Kylie Baker ILS Specialist 218

Staff listed alphabetically

Baker, Kylie ILS Specialist 218
Beeman, Pat IT Specialist 224
Behn, Ken Assistant Director – IT 211
Brouse, Ann Cataloging Specialist 209
Brown, Lorie Professional Development Manager  206
Button, Vickie Outreach Clerk (Rotating Collections Contact)  215
Cappadonia, Keturah Outreach Consultant 204
Fleming, Mandy  ILS & Technical Services Manager  210
Gustina, Margo Deputy Director  205
Hildreth, Brian M.  Executive Director 207
Hoffman, Alex ILS Specialist 219
Engagement Consultant 212
Rogers, Pam  Processing & Delivery Supervisor 223
Mack, Barb  Business Manager 217
Wojnarek, Patrick IT Technician 208
Wright, Cassie Account Clerk 213

Staff by Topics for Consultation Services

Youth Services (all ages) Lorie Brown  209
Patrons with Disabilities Keturah Cappadonia  204
Adult Learners – meeting the need Keturah Cappadonia  204
Passive Programming Lorie Brown or Keturah Cappadonia  209 or
Leveraging Community Expertise Margo Gustina  205
Using Social Media Margo Gustina  205
 Collection Management
Processing & Finishing Pam Rogers  223
Shelving for programming Lorie Brown  209
Shelf Appeal Lorie Brown  209
Rotating Collections Vickie Button  215
Weeding for Collection Development Lorie Brown  209
Vendor Relations Lorie Brown  209
Apps as e-resources Media Mentors  209
Managing Digital Resources Lorie Brown  209
 Boards & Friends
Trustee Roles & Responsibilities Brian M. Hildreth  207
Friends Groups Brian M. Hildreth  207
Writing By-laws Brian M. Hildreth  207
Advocacy Brian M. Hildreth  207
 Information Technology
Public Access Computing Ken Behn 211
E-rate regulations & filing Mandy Fleming 210
Filters – what STLS does and does not provide Ken Behn 211
Software and hardware licenses Ken Behn 211
Hardware planning and support options Ken Behn 211
Thin clients, wireless routers & planning Ken Behn 211
 Library Management
Delivery Pam Rogers  223
Policy Development Brian M. Hildreth  207
Strategic Planning Brian M. Hildreth  207
Annual Reports Margo Gustina  205
Facilities – planning for community need Brian M. Hildreth  207
Construction Aid Grants Margo Gustina  205
Referendums, tax caps, and getting to Yes! Brian M. Hildreth  207
 Integrated Library System
Workflows Effectively Mandy Fleming 210
Holds & ILL Mandy Fleming & Lorie Brown 210
STARCat Features & Tips Mandy Fleming or Lorie Brown  210 or
What is Cost Share? Brian M. Hildreth  207
Digital Collection Platforms Lorie Brown  209