Trustee Tuesday: Construction, Facilities, and Funding

Our Building is Our Face to the Community

What seems like a million years ago, as a young mother without a formal education, I needed to decide if I would follow a path to librarianship or architecture. Anyone reading this knows which direction I went – still, our buildings have a special place in my heart and in my practice of library service.

Cairo Public Library designed by Butler Rowland Mays Architects

The spaces we offer the members of our towns communicate feelings and ideas to them. Our members know when crossing the threshold of the library if they feel welcomed or intimidated, if they are inspired or disrespected. When I speak to libraries about NYS Construction Aid to Public Libraries, facilities planning is a requirement of the program. Time and again the resource libraries wish they had access to is an expert. You want an architect. We have brought you one.
Welcome award winning library architect Paul Mays!
This could have also read Public Library System Trustee or Committed Community Advocate or Dynamite Speaker. I had the good fortune of participating in a full day session on library facility planning at NYLA last fall, led by Paul. He kept a giant ballroom full of critical library people engaged for a full day – not an easy thing. Paul understands all of the parts of library building projects – from initial design considerations, to soliciting and respecting diverse community opinions, to phasing construction to maximize funding. And he has agreed to spend time with all of you.
On Wednesday, March 29th, join us for an afternoon with an architect who traveled for hours to answer your questions. I can’t imagine not taking advantage of time to talk to an architect when their expertise is so costly to obtain in our communities. The program is divided in two parts, for those unable to attend for the whole afternoon:
11:45 – 1:45: Library design principles and pit falls to avoid
2:00 – 4:00: Understanding the user experience of your building, planning and funding change
Please don’t miss this opportunity. Click here to register now: Afternoon with Paul

Albert Wisner Public Library. Designed by Butler Rowland Mays

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As ever, please contact me with questions, concerns, and ideas.
In putting our best face (and buildings) forward,