We are professionals.

Dearest trustees, last week I had the privilege of meeting board members that I had yet to encounter while leading the What Am I Doing Here?!? workshop in Belmont. Here were our major discussion take- aways:
    • Assigning true cost to services (sometimes referred to in business as service chain analysis) and budgeting from that perspective is a major mind and practice shift.
    • Refreshers for veteran trustees and orientations for new trustees are useful to participants.
    • Trustees exhibit professionalism; Directors must be treated as (and expected to behave as) the library professional.

As educational institutions with governing boards and professional managers, building in support for development of governors (trustees) and officers (directors), is essential to the continued responsiveness of your library to community needs. Here are our recommendations:

Making our libraries visible and viable are key to sustaining service to all of our communities and it can only happen with continued commitment to education.

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