The FLASH-Health and STEAM

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The Librarian on the Loose presented a totally sick storytime Note how she includes a Early Literacy tip within her storytime plan.

Hacking Health

When I was small ‘hacking’ and coughing was a precursor to some sort of illness. Now…not so much! But, a Maryland school library and the University of Maryland created an afterschool program to HackHealth–to learn about health issues and to gain skills in researching. UMD has also shared their blueprints/lesson plans for these afterschool programs.

DIY Programs: Stories in Action

Several libraries are using tables as creation spaces or DIY programs. Cover a table with kraft paper…invite kids and their parents and caregivers to express themselves! It can be open-ended or pose a question and invite artists to pictorially answer a question.

MakerSpace, STEAM –it’s all at the library

have you tried GRAVITY PAINTING? It looks to be a bit messy but OH–so, much fun. Combining Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math–STEAM….Greatfamily programming.
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Lorie Brown
Youth Services/Interlibrary Loan