Youth Services FLASH (7/16/2015)

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Anime Collection and Programming

Multi-day post on getting started with Anime in your collection and in your programming line-up: At the bottom of the screen see links for posts to Part 2 & Part 3!

Showcasing print concepts via ‘meta books’

Meta books are books “that teach children concepts of print and how books work through their plot line and design.” Print concepts are an essential early literacy skill: orientation of books—reading  left to right, top to bottom; the relationship of letters to sounds; of words to meaning or things. Horn Book blog list 5 top meta books

App of the Week

YALSA’s APP of the week is a free, fun Tetris-like game. Check out 1010:

Lunch Bunch

Abby the Librarian chats about her not-so-successful (in terms of numbers) program, LUNCH BUNCH. While this might not meet reach the numbers level for success at Abby’s library. I think this could be very successful in your library. Plus I’ve always LOVE the program name of Lunch Bunch. Years ago, I presented a program with this name. Kids brought their lunch. We ate and listened to various guests and/or did some sort of activity. It was fun and with THAT name….a framework for anything!

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Lorie Brown

Youth Services/Interlibrary Loan