Youth Services FLASH (7/28/2015)

Just a FLASH of insights, ideas and news for you….


Picture Book Celebration

Library Laura tells about a picture book program in which guest readers shared favorite picture books. This program was first done last November (National Picture Book Month) and replicated this summer. See Library Laura’s summation of both programs: This might be kinda fun to do as a system-wide event! Quite a few years ago, NYS hosted the GREAT NEW YORK READ ALOUD and before that sponsored a NIGHT OF 1000 STARS. Both, events encouraged libraries to invite guest reader to the library for a celebration. Hmm-m, shall we try this system-wide?

July 30-International Day of Friendship

Quick. Print the poem. Make a display. This is a United Nations celebration to encourage mutual understanding and solidarity.

How to Tame your Dragon – the GAME

It’s a book. It’s a movie. It’s a game! And, it focuses on science, engineering and technology (STEM). What could be better than that!?!

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Lorie Brown

Youth Services/Interlibrary Loan