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As of January 1, 2019 STLS will no longer receive, process, finish, or handle member library materials to catalog. 

In order for STLS staff to finish your ordered materials before 2019, please do not order any items to be delivered to STLS after November 21st, 2018.

Decision Making Behind the Change
Decision Making Behind the Change

STLS wants to consistently serve our membership. Since the beginning of our cooperative system, STLS has supported your local collections by assigning ownership and protection to your items. At that time, STLS provided the least expensive, best service. Since then services offered by vendors has improved, provides greater customization, at a lower cost than we can do because of organizational efficiencies.

We have loved caring for you items and serving your communities by providing them with attractive, easy to locate materials. We are discontinuing the service so that we can help you have items in the hands of patrons at a lower cost, more quickly.

Result: In 2018, we will equalize A/V & print materials costs to $1.00 for processing and finishing work done at STLS. In 2019 we see no cost effective way of continuing our Processing and Finishing service. As of January 1, 2019 STLS will no longer:

    • Receive, unpack, and apply ownership to items ordered by member libraries from vendors; nor,
    • Apply ownership stamps, spine/genre labels, pockets, and/or lamination to items owned by member libraries ordered from vendors or donated materials sent in through the delivery.

In order for STLS staff to finish your ordered materials before 2019, please do not order any items to be delivered to STLS after November 21st, 2018.

We see 2018 as a transitional year which we want to make as positive and smooth as possible for our membership. We will host the following workshops and library specific consultations:

    • Vendors with state contracts for: item ordering and processing/finishing; processing/finishing supplies; subscription and collection development assistance products.
    • Guidance and practice selecting and applying good looking, inexpensive coverings to your items locally.
    • How to set up accounts with vendors for maximum customization and minimum local work.
    • How to best send in item information electronically for fastest turn-around.

To see a copy of the presentation given in August, 2017 click here (Fee for Service – Processing August 2017)

Library Materials Vendors

Libraries can purchase materials from Library Vendors like Baker & Taylor, Brodart, and Ingram with standard discounts of 40% per item off the retail, and have those items arrive shelf ready with covers, spine labels, barcodes and MARC records for a range of per item cost for finishing between $.95 – $2.00 (depending on how fancy you want your items).  When you include MARC records as part of your order, those can be directly emailed to STLS ILS Specialists and pulled into our catalog of items. It’s pretty fast and shortens your wait time for records to attach to significantly. Here is a list of the most frequently used vendors with their state contract number and representative contact:

Finishing Materials Vendors

What follows is a list of vendors STLS used to purchase our finishing supplies, as well as vendors our membership has told us about. Where possible we have included the state contract number for each.


    • DuraReady/Innovative Label Technology Inc. (
      • Item code:  5002D, 1.25×1.00” DuraReady Paper, Premium Wax/Resin Ribbon, 500/roll, 1.00” core, Dymo Compatible
      • Current price:  $15.89/roll + S&H
      • Contact person:  David Doi – 877-737-9955
    • DYMO labeler (Innovative Label Technology, Inc)
    • Brother Labeler (CDW-G)
    • Sheets of Single Letter Labels – Brodart:
      • Small “Horizontal” 55 037 – $1.35/sheet of 42 labels
      • Large “Vertical” 55 041 – $12.55/sheet of 30 labels
    • Round Labels for A/V materials – Foil (DEMCO P142-0455)
    • Genre Stickers – Brodart (Western 55 021 007)

Book Tape, Pockets, Covers


  • Crystal Clear Tape – 30 Yard Roles – Brodart
    • 1 inch $7.40 (32 246 002)
    • 1.5 inch $11.10 (32 246 003)
    • 2 inch $14.85 (32 246 004)
  • Adhesive Transfer Application – to attach jackets to books – Brodart
    • Gun $33.70 (34 101 001)
    • Tape $2.85 (34 102 001)


  • Tall pockets – Full back adhesive (Brodart 23 621 001)


  • STLS doesn’t purchase book jacket covers. Who do you use? Send us the info and we’ll add it to this resource page!

Changes to Cataloging

As of January 1, 2019 STLS will no longer receive your physical materials for cataloging. You get items that either have MARC records available from the vendor, or do not. For example, any items you buy from Amazon, or that come to you through donations, have no MARC record available. Items you buy from a library vendor often come with a MARC record. The following describes how to handle each type of item.

With Vendor MARC Records

We will be working with individual member libraries and the vendors of their choice, to customize your MARC records with the following:

  • Dewey and location codes set up according to the constraints and policies of the local library.
  • Preloaded barcode numbers are also an option.

What does this mean for you?

  • When you receive a box of finished materials from the vendor, STLS will receive an email prompting us to upload your MARC records into the catalog.
  • You will receive the items according to your internal acquisitions procedures, and for each item change the home location to the actual location within your library and verify the item Type, Call number, Item Cat2 and Price are correct.
  • Your items will be holdable as soon as STLS receives and uploads your MARC file (according to your policies).
  • STLS can get your items into the catalog quickly and efficiently.
  • The local library is responsible for checking the item in hand against the item in the catalog.

Best practices for improved service:

  • Submit orders to vendors so that you receive them in bulk amounts of no less than 10 items at a time – this way STLS staff doesn’t have to hold multiple MARC records in queue before uploading them.

Without Vendor MARC Records

Step by steps for “Adding items to existing bib records” downloadable pdf

To request new catalog records, use: Help Desk template spreadsheet hyperlinked for download:  Titles_to_be_added

Email the completed spreadsheet to

Best practices for improved service:

  • Ask community members who want to donate new books to your library to donate the money instead and give them the first checkout! That means you get a finished item that is shelf ready and a record ready to go from the vendor, and the item is in circulation more quickly!
  • Limit your record requests to 25 items per spreadsheet. It helps us manage our workload and flow.

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