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Below, you will find the most recent STLS guidance on Vaccine Eligibility and Employer Practices, Library Staff Exposures, Temporary Closing Considerations, NYS Cluster Action Initiative, Status of Virtual Board Meetings, and Creating a Pandemic Operations Plan. 

The guidance is based on NYS Department of Health recommendations, and provides information on Governor Cuomo’s new Cluster Action Initiative. It is important libraries are aware of this initiative because it sheds light on the types of services you can or cannot offer as we move into fall and winter months and positive cases likely increase regionally. We see this taking place in several of our counties. 

Lastly, we have included guidance on virtual board meetings, which was released as part of NYS Forward reopening guidance from STLS. Executive Orders have once again extended virtual board meetings until early November, and boards should know these orders will most likely be updated monthly to allow for remote board meetings until the pandemic lessens. STLS will explicitly inform boards if for some reason the ability to meet remotely stops. 

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