COVID-19 Resources

STLS Member Library Reopening Guidance

Link to STLS Member Library Reopening Guidance Document:

You can also scroll through the document, below:

Learn more about the STLS response to Coronavirus and COVID-19, here:

The link above features information on:

• STLS Delivery (cancelled as of 3/16/2020, until further notice).
• County Heath Departments & Other Agencies’ contact information
• Resources for library directors, front-line staff & trustees
• Sample STLS Member Library responses to COVID-19
• Sample information for libraries to share with patrons
• Information on food resources
• Digital library resources to access when the library building is closed

List of STLS member library closures & services:

Learn more about resources available to library staff, here: 

• Link:

• Do you have staff that are now working remotely? We’ve compiled a list of virtual continuing education opportunities at the link above!

Learn more about providing outreach to your patrons without making physical contact, here: 

• Link:

• Your building might be closed, but you can still provide virtual outreach services! Read more, at the link above!

Library trustees, learn more about conducting virtual board meetings, here:

• Link to document from STLS Executive Director, Brian Hildreth – available here.
• Help with Zoom meeting platform – available here.

• The document linked to above provides some guidance and resources for library boards during the initial stages of the state of emergency and quarantine in New York State.