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The Southern Tier Library System provides services and resources to 48 local libraries in Allegany, Chemung, Schuyler, Steuben and Yates counties in upstate New York.


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OverDrive is introducing a new feature: Holds Redelivery

OverDrive "Did You Know" graphic explaining holds redelivery feature

What is Hold Redelivery?
Patrons have always been able to place a hold on a title if it’s not currently available to borrow. However, now, when a hold becomes available, instead of automatically checking out the title, the patron will receive a notification and can either go into the app and borrow the title within 3 days, OR choose to deliver the hold later while keeping their place in line.

This change will allow patrons to:
•    Borrow a book when they’re ready, not a week or more before they’re ready to start reading.
•    Finish the current book they’re reading without the pressure of the next book being there too soon.
•    Wait times will improve because the holds queue will move more efficiently.
•    Pay it forward to the next user in line by saying, “I’m not ready to read this one now. Your turn!”

Instead of a title being automatically checked out to you when you may not be ready for it, you’ll now have a few choices.
You can:
1.    Borrow it and start reading! You’ll have a 3-day pickup period to open the Libby app and check out your title.
2.    If you’re not ready to start reading, you can choose “deliver later” and select a set time period when you’d like the book delivered to you. Once that time period is over, you’ll be next on the list.

What if I forget to pick up my hold?
If you forget to borrow your available title during the pickup window, your hold will automatically be set to “deliver later” as a one-time courtesy or 7 days. After 7 days, your hold will be active again and you’ll receive another notification when the next copy is ready to borrow.

How will I know when my book has become available?
Don’t worry! You’ll receive a notification from the Libby app.

Does this only impact the Libby app?
This change is being rolled out for all OverDrive ebooks & audiobooks whether borrowed in Libby, the OverDrive app, or from our website/catalog.


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