Annual Report to the State FY2019

Annual Reports are DUE on Friday, February 14th, 2020!

Submit your report by 5:00pm on 2/14/2020. Please email Erika Jenns, STLS Engagement Consultant, when you are finished.

Workshop Information:

Flyer for STLS Annual Report workshops in 2020

Tuesday, February 4th, 2020 – 1:00-4:00pm

STLS Headquarters 


Tuesday, February 11th, 2020 – 9:00am-12:00pm

Friendship Free Library


General Information:

Outline of Major Changes: FY2019 Outline of Major Changes

FY2019 Annual Report for Public and Association Libraries printable blank survey.

This is just a blank .pdf document with all the questions for those of you who like to fill out the report on paper first.

CollectConnect (portal for entering your 2019 information):

State website for annual reports:

Workshop slides with step-by-step instructions for the report are available here!

Instructions for filling out the report:

For Section 7: 


For Sections 11-14: 




Section 2: Collection

Holdings (Questions 2.1 – 2.24): .xls Spreadsheet, .pdf Document

Additions (Questions 2.27 – 2.30): .xls Spreadsheet, .pdf Document

Section 3: Registered Borrowers (3.2 – 3.3)

Registered Borrowers (Questions 3.2-3.3): .xls Spreadsheet, .pdf Document

Section 3: Programming

Q3.15 – Talking Book & Braille: Excel Sheet, PDF

A GUIDE to answering programming questions.

Common Programming Count Question!If I have a 16 year old patron who attends an Adult Literacy workshop as part of my Summer Learning Program where do I count the program and the attendance?

You count that program in four different places! First in 3.15 Adult Program Session (even though the patron isn’t an adult, the program had adults as the intended audience). Next in 3.28 c. Summer Reading Program Programs for Adults (check the box). Next, in 3.36 Adult program sessions – Summer 2016. And finally, in Adult Literacy, 3.58 Total group program sessions. Attendance for the teen patron will be in the attendance spot for each of those session counts.

3.28 (One-on-One Program Attendance) – See updated instructions: “If one walk-in time is scheduled but individual brings along an additional person, count as 1 session with 2 attendees.”

Section 4: Transactions

Questions 4.1 – 4.13 & 4.20-4.21: .xls Spreadsheet, .pdf Document

Section 5: Technology and Telecommunications

The system provides limited information in this section. If you have your website hosted on the STLS WordPress Server, we may have used Google Analytics to track traffic to your site. What follows is the information we have at this time.

Question 5.4 – Annual Visits to the Website:

FY2019_WordPress_GoogleAnalytics_Q5.4 (Excel)

FY2019_WordPress_GoogleAnalytics_Q5.4 (PDF)

E-rate questions (5.7, 5.8): .xls Spreadsheet, .pdf Document

Section 9: Service Outlet Information

9.29 & 9.30: If you are connected to STLS/STN Fiber, your answer is:
11 Greater than or equal to 100 mbps and less than 1gbps.

       *If you are not on STLS Fiber, to check your download/upload speed, use this link to test your speed from a *wired* computer (not a computer connected to the wifi):

9.31: If you are connected to STLS/STN Fiber, select Other. You must also add a State note that says you are using STLS Fiber.

9.33: For our averages, see this Excel sheet or PDF.

Workshop Slides:

Slides from the Annual Report Party are available here!


Want to get together and go over the report and enter the data together? Send an email to Erika Jenns, STLS Engagement Consultant! Her email address is jennse (at) stls (dot) org.

Reports from the past:

Reports from previous years are linked to below. All documents below are in .pdf format. For trend or year over year analysis of specific metrics, visit BiblioStat Connect (link redirects visitor to DLD webpage section on public library statistics) or contact the STLS Engagement Consultant.

Fiscal Year 2019

Fiscal Year 2018

Fiscal Year 2017

Fiscal Year 2016

Fiscal Year 2015

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