Annual Report to the State – Fiscal Year 2016

General Reporting Information

Outline of Major Changes (.pdf document): 2016 Annual Report for Public Association Libraries – Outline of Major Changes

If you are a reader and like to get an overview first, this might be useful to you. As I’ve sent in previous email, big changes are in how Electronic Resources are counted (Freegal & Zinio count this year) and the wording of the Trustee term lengths to include asking what is in your charter. Remember, your charter is different than your by-laws.

2016 Annual Report for Public and Association Libraries printable blank survey (.pdf document): 2016 Annual Report questions blank

This is just a blank .pdf document with all the questions for those of you who like to do the thing on paper separately first.

Bibliostat Collect (state portal for entering your 2016 information):

Collection & Transaction Data from STLS

Section 2: Collection

Holdings (Questions 2.1 – 2.24):

All Libraries Holdings 2016 .xls Spreadsheet

January – December Holdings 2016 pdf Document

April – March Holdings 2016 pdf Document

June – May Holdings 2016 pdf Document

July – June Holdings 2016 pdf Document

*NEW* Not information that the state requires, but included here to show why the large decrease in holdings for some libraries:

Discards-Missing-Lost Items 2016 .xls Spreadsheet

Additions (Questions 2.27 – 2.30): .xls Spreadsheet, .pdf Document

All Libraries Additions 2016 .xls Spreadsheet

January – December Additions 2016 .pdf Document

April – March Additions 2016 .pdf Document

June – May Additions 2016 .pdf Document

July – June Additions 2016 .pdf Document

Section 3: Registered Borrowers (3.2 – 3.3) & Programming

The Excel Spreadsheet is organized so that you will need to find your library along the top. To get the number of Resident Borrowers I grabbed the mailing address town number from that column (Andover Card, Andover Mailing Address). For Non-Resident Borrowers I subtracted your Resident Borrowers from your Total Registered Patrons. All this works great if you are chartered to serve the town in which your library is located. If you are chartered to serve multiple municipalities, you will need to add up every card holder from you column with mailing addresses in those municipalities. These numbers are captured on the January – December Fiscal Year.

Registered Borrowers 2016 .xls Spreadsheet

Common Programming Count Question!If I have a 16 year old patron who attends an Adult Literacy workshop as part of my Summer Learning Program where do I count the program and the attendance?

You count that program in four different places! First in 3.15 Adult Program Session (even though the patron isn’t an adult, the program had adults as the intended audience). Next in 3.28 c. Summer Reading Program Programs for Adults (check the box). Next, in 3.36 Adult program sessions – Summer 2016. And finally, in Adult Literacy, 3.58 Total group program sessions. Attendance for the teen patron will be in the attendance spot for each of those session counts.

Section 4: Transactions

The Excel Spreadsheet separates the libraries by fiscal calendar in tabs along the bottom. The .pdf documents are printed one per fiscal calendar year.

Questions 4.1 – 4.13 & 4.20-4.21:

All Libraries 2016 .xls Spreadsheet

January – December 2016.pdf Document

April – March 2016 .pdf Document

June – May 2016 .pdf Document

July – June 2016 .pdf Document

Help with the Annual Report

Section 5: Technology and Telecommunications

The system provides limited information in this section. If you have your website hosted on the STLS WordPress Server, we may have used Google Analytics to track traffic to your site. What follows is the information we have at this time. For Reporting Year 2017, we will have cleaner, more complete information.

5.4: Member Website Visits 2016 .xls Spreadsheet

Section 9: Service Outlet Information


9.29 & 9.30: If you are connected to STLS/STN Fiber, you connection is 11 Greater than or equal to 100 mbps for both questions. Everyone else – INFORMATION COMING SOON (by 2/10/2017)

9.31: If you are connected to STLS/STN Fiber, select Other and enter STLS in the Notes field.

9.33: This information is only stored by the Meraki company for 6 months. If you have a Meraki device, I recommend taking the last report you received in the reporting year window and extrapolating the annual figures from that. I am told that the report as an average sessions/time frame. We’ll continue to work on this process in the future.

Previous Year’s Compiled Reports

COMING SOON! All documents below are in .pdf format. For trend or year over year analysis of specific metrics, visit BiblioStat Connect (link redirects visitor to DLD webpage section on public library statistics) or contact the STLS Program and Advocacy Consultant.

Fiscal Year 2015

Fiscal Year 2014

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Fiscal Year 2012

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