For Member Library Trustees

For Trustee Training and Board Development, contact Margo Gustina.

For tax cap filing and referendums, contact Brian M. Hildreth.

To read past Trustee Tuesday posts, check out the Trustee Tuesday Compendium – all the best from 2016 – 2018 organized by Trustee Responsibilities and hot-linked for  your convenience. Or see a list of past posts here: Trustee Tuesday.

Guidance on Internal Policies & Procedures

Annual Visual To-Do Calendar Jan – Dec FY;  April – Mar FY; June – May FY; July – June FY

Contacts for Library-Specific Job Advertisements

Sexual Harassment Prevention – STLS Guidance Brief September 2018 (.pdf with links)

Guidance from Stephanie Adams Esq. on approaches to the new law: this was really written to handle questions from systems and consortia, but you might find the approach to the law and the legal asides useful when developing your local policies and practice.

NYS Combating Sexual Harassment Website

STLS’ Policy Development Worksheet for Member Libraries (.pdf)

Policy Templates for your Convenience:

Challenge to Library Materials Policy Template (Word .docx)

Request for Reconsideration of Materials Form Template (Word .docx)

Conflict of Interest Policy Template  (Word .docx)

Disclosure of Interests Template (Word .docx)

Confidentiality of Library Records Policy Template (Word .docx)

Law Enforcement Inquiry Procedure Template (Word .docx)

Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy (.pdf from NYS) (Word .docx)

Minimum Standards for Sexual Harassment Prevention Policies (.pdf)

Complaint Form for Reporting Sexual Harassment (.pdf from NYS) (Word .docx)

Wireless Internet Policy Template (Word .docx)

Statewide Resources & References

Handbook for Library Trustees of New York State

Strategic Planning

Invite Brian or Margo for a consultation. We’ll give an overview of the process and we’ll facilitate it with you, if that is what you choose.


Allegany Local Grants Calendar

Chemung – SE Steuben Local Grants Calendar

Yates & NE Steuben Local Grants Calendar

Schuyler Local Grants Calendar

Facilities Planning

2017 Construction Aid:

Library Data & Benchmarking

2017 Annual Statistical Report

2016 Annual Statistical Report

2015 Annual Statistical Report

Past Trustee Workshop Resources

Roles and Responsibilities- Guthrie July 2015 FINAL (.pdf)

Library Trustees – Framework for Governance (07.15) – Conrad Wolan (.pdf)

LSTA 2015 Workshop (Hammondsport) Presentations

Learning Webinars for Trustees

Meeting Minimum Public Library Standards

OSC Practice of Internal Controls (.pdf document)

OSC Audit findings 2014 (.pdf document)

Past Trustee Book Club Reading List

Expect More: Demanding Better Libraries For Today’s Complex World by RD Lankes (Read August 2016)

Bibliotech: Why Libraries Even More in an Age of Google by John Palfrey (Read November 2016)

THE BAD-ASS LIBRARIANS OF TIMBUKTU And Their Race to Save the World’s Most Precious Manuscripts by Joshua Hammer (Read March 2017)

The Future Is Now: Current Papers on Library Trends & Research (Read May 2017)

The True Tails of Baker and Taylor: The Library Cats Who Left Their Pawprints on a Small Town . . . and the World by Jan Louch (Read August 2017)

Libraries Out Loud Video Series(Read November 2017)

Sustainable Thinking: Ensuring Your Library’s Future in an Uncertain World by Rebekkah Smith Aldrch (Read March 2018)

Resilience (Center for the Future of Libraries, Book 2) by Rebekkah Smith Aldrich (Read October 2018)